Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watch and Believe

Vh1 decided to let the homey Adele do an impromptu concert in their offices and were so kind as to share it with the rest of the world. My fanaticism over Adele has been well-documented, and I kinda feel it's a shame that it took a year for Vh1 to even give her this opportunity. Either way, it's Grammy season, and with a notable number of noms, she's getting a healthy new round of publicity for those still unfamiliar. What I like most about these 3 vids is how you gradually see more and more ppl in the office crowd into the area where she's singing until by the end, she looks back and realizes she's attracted a small crowd of listeners. Her reaction is priceless. I apologize for the ads on the vids, but hey, bills don't pay themselves. Disfruta.

Right As Rain

Melt My Heart To Stone

Chasing Pavements


SupernovaStar said...

good shat

Anonymous said...

I love this girl!