Friday, January 23, 2009

The Official Post-Inauguration Post

So your favorite blogger's favorite blogger made it down to the District MLK weekend to celebrate America's great half-white hype, B. Hussein Obama. Getting down there was a feat in and of itself, seeing as I didn't finalize my plans till 5:30 Saturday night. (I was on the 6:30 train, and barely made it.) That said, it was definitely unforgettable. The pre-inauguration shenanigans notwithstanding, Tuesday was a crazy day. It was friggin freezing and I contracted what is probably baby pneumonia from standing outside for 6 hours.

Still, the energy was insane. I met French people who were confused about why people left after Obama's speech--"They came to see Obama, not the poet, and it's very cold," was my response--and a Jamaican man who said in a most serious tone after Joe Biden was given the oath of office "Bring us Obama!" His response when they instead introduced Yo-Yo Ma and friends? "Bring us Obama... now!"

It was a great day for America, which is what everybody was saying. And, even if Obama's rhetoric was similar to Dubya's (as the Daily Show so succinctly pointed out), it was like cheese: on Italian food it tastes great, on Chinese food, it might make you throw up. (For the confused: Obama = Italian, Dubya = Chinese.) I was one of the millions stranded in the District after the ceremony and found shelter in a random hotel lobby to defrost. Later I hollered at the Natural History Museum and watched an IMAX movie on dinosaurs. Finally, by around 8 or 8:30 I got back to VA for dinner with the fam and some window shopping at Pentagon City. (Sidenote: Macy's and Nordstrom are giving away free women's fragrances as part of a class action suit settlement. No lie. That means free Valentine's gifts fellas.)

In the meantime, in between time, a lot has popped off on the 7 internets. I'm tempted to say that there is an 8th internet brewing, but more on that later (maybe). I caught Charles Hamilton at an art show at the National Harbor MLK weekend, along with Tabi Bonney (whose boy tried to sell me Tabi's CD. I got love for the DMV, but it's a recession, and I'm a blogger. Do you think I pay for anything?) There were a lotta local celebs at the jawn and I kinda found it funny to see ppl I went to high school with working hard to look cool. It made me appreciate Philly that much more, cuz Philadelphians don't try. They just are. Also caught wind of new Teedra that dropped before I left for the wknd (more on that later), and heard some of the much anticipated Paxton's mixtape (aural treats, oral heat. No Listerine.)

A new weekend is upon us, and with it, I have many tests to grade and lessons to plan. Hopefully this'll be the weekend when it all gets done. Irregardless, (I really appreciate smart dumb ppl for making that word up) I'll be dropping a couple joints this wknd, maybe one or two off the radar. I'm glad to see yall giving Adele her due. Hopefully yall are giving equal attention The Paxtons and some of the other drops as well. I'm done rambling. I got kicks to cop.

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