Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Twitter Me Baby

The brother-in-blog recently pulled the trigger and signed me up for twitter. I've been suspicious of it since I first heard of it, and am still not sure of its utility (or even what exactly it is). It kinda seems like you have to have a lot of free time or a PDA/iphone at your hip to even begin to understand why it's the the newest craze like newborn baby jesus. Right now I feel like twitter is nothing more than just the Away Message on crack... or maybe heroin. Not sure, but it's prolly one of those two. Either way, I'm on it now. Those who "get it" twitter me and learn me a lil something on why I shouldn't believe that there is a huge web conspiracy behind the promulgation and proliferation (word to Jesse Jackson) of this new form of social networking (which is what I currently believe).

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