Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HUF x Wale

This is a great look:
For an upcoming Wale Cali-tour, HUF has hooked up the emerging artist to create a two exclusive t-shirts for the respective HUF flagship stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco. With 50 t-shirts available at each location, purchases made at each store on the day of the concert will also result in a free ticket to the show. Look for Wale to be on hand at autograph signings at HUF LA and SF as well.

I'm a huge fan of HUF. As far as streetwear retailers, they consistently produce some of the cleanest gear. Last seasons leather bombers are drool-worthy. Plus they do it all at reasonable pricepoints and are generally cool ppl, which is noteworthy by itself when you consider their status in the game. My guess is it prolly has something to do with the whole Bay Area vibe. Just makes a nigga real chill. How Wale managed to pull this off, I have no idea, but I guess all the time spent in Cali pre-Interscope was a wise investment.

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