Friday, January 16, 2009

Its So Cold In The D!

Don't really know how this one slipped between the cracks, but I would like to apologiize for not blessing y'all with this gem. The same day that Mr. Garr & I previewed The Renaissance & Thr33 Ringz at the crib in VA, I downloaded the uber-hyped "Tronic" by Detroit producapper, Black Milk. The bloggers may have gotten it right with this one.

Gross-sounding moniker aside (can you imagine the academy nominating a nigga name Black Milk for anything... but then again I said the same about T-Pain) Black Milk might be the most promising new talent in the game. I'll trade in a mixtape, auto-tune hook, or vicious 16 from every single nigga on the cover of the December XXL for ONE of Black Milk's beats. Think Dilla meeting Just Blaze somewhere in the middle with the flow of Royce da 5'9", minus the depth. Seriously. I'm declaring this to be in 2008's best three rap albums alongside The Renaissance & The Recession.

Black Milk - Tronic

Furthermore inspired by Royce's guest verse on Tronic's "Losing Out" and this article I happened upon on HiphopDX, I had to check out his latest work. While by no means a superior mixtape as far as features, beat selection, or original production from Green Lantern... Royce is a BEAST. This nigga attacks every beat as if they owe him money. Like Pac on "7 Day Theory" hard.

Royce Da 5'9" - Bar Exam 2

Due in part to the catalogs of the late Dilla and a white boy named Marshall... Motown has BEEN a problem. But these niggas really got something in the water right now. Maybe all that political corruption, premature economic depression, and random violence is good for something after all.

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