Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You're Excused

Allow me to pull back the shades for you guys. The Paxtons are here pretty much forever, so make plenty of room on your hard drives. Blog regulars might remember this instrumental from Audiophilia. You prolly recall that there was no info about it huh? When I say I'm an artist with this, I more or less mean it. Just to whet the appetites of the numbers of you who remember the instrumental, I'll also remind you of this post. Wait? Is that the sample of a sample? Yeah, we do that here. As Jay once said, "Soon you'll understand," and that day is today.

Why the hoopla? Well, I'm going to say that, were this a track from an established artist, the internets would be in a tizzy right now. "Bless You" is worse than cooked crack (or better, depending on your personal proclivities). It's a track that stands comfortably on its own as an instrumental, except after hearing these guys rap over it, you're happy it's not just an instrumental. I'm not gonna say it's the next "A Milli," but it's close and not nearly as annoying after repeated listening.

All that to say, the Paxtons bandwagon is picking up speed. The homies at Goadome Talk shouted them (and us) a holler yesterday. Don't get left. Naysayers, get a job. And the rest of you wonderful people, download, disfruta, and distribute to your friends. You too can be a music snob. Get on that fresh "You ain't up on this!" music.

The Paxtons mixtape, Members Only, will be released next month here at youhypesikenah.blogspot.com. More on that in coming days and weeks. If you're in the DMV and wanna hear what the fuss is about, they'll be back at Almaz this Thursday performing after shutting down the show last week along with the Best Brothas. And did I say it was a free show? Oh, the show is free! (With a complimentary buffet and drink specials.)

It's summertime, ¡disfrĂștate!

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