Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Practice What You Preach...

It seems like Good Music artist and former ATCQ-er Consequence was living a personal episode of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong when he dropped 07's Dont Quit Your Day Job. Yeah Grammy Family banged... when Jay bodied it on Hot 97 and people only seemed to retain Ye's quotables. Dont get me wrong, I feel like sans lisp Cons would be a beast in this game however when your grill looks like you swallowed a rake backwards its hard to make those fly ass lyrics memorable. Either way, they must've blown this niggas budget on Connect 4 footage cuz Good, Bad & Ugly was soooo pre-College Dropout (see Get Well Soon mixtape) and this joint (my favorite on his cd) was getting daily love in the Galant last summer.

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