Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mortal Kombat

A few weeks ago, your boys Chris and Dave of The Paxtons made a trip up I-95 to holler at the Ubiq homeys. After chilling with the crew and meeting random niggas at Rittenhouse, I had the opportunity to catch these niggas doing what they do best: rapping.

Back in the day, "freestyle" meant "freestyle"--unwritten unplanned improvised rapping. Nowadays, freestyle means "I wrote this on my blackberry 2 weeks ago," which isn't bad, but it makes it even better when you see a nigga really go in. Slowly but surely, The Paxtons are winning over fan after fan, but it's good to see that these niggas are true emcees and can hang amongst the best. Press play and catch Dave freestyling for 6 and a half minutes straight. (The unedited version is even longer.) You'll enjoy it, te prometo.

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