Monday, May 04, 2009

Can't Stop These Rainy Days

I still can't figure out why these guys aren't more famous right now... Anyways, Spring is being real stubborn right now with all this rain, so a song like this seems doubly appropriate on this first Monday of May.


Anonymous said...

LOVE little dragon. i feel you. they should be blowing UP by now.

Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

you know why they wont blow up? because their melodies are to complex for the average listener. people who know music stucture, or at least can feel its complexities def dig this group. but the music and the singer always dance around each other. so it almost sounds like shes off key, but shes not. they went the lupe route of not dumbin it down.

but i dig it. you should hear some of the songs the lead singer has doen with this swedish duo named koop. dopeness.