Monday, May 18, 2009

Circular Reasoning

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In my opinion, Freeway is one of the top 5 most underrated rappers. His albums are always solid. I'm sure my 3 year residency in Philadelphia (and my 4 years at Wash U with C-City--Flipside!) have something to do with this, but bar for bar, Free be spitting. (nada.)

Still, I'm not a fan at all of album sequels. Ever since Blueprint 2, everybody wants to rename their new album as the sequel to the last. I understand the marketing technique and everything, but c'mon. I'd at least respect it if you took the same theme and reworked it like Ready to Die to Life After Death, Busta's discography, or even Illmatic to Stillmatic, but Carter I, II, III, IV, V? ¿Coño, dónde está la creatividad? la originalidad? Are we that starved for ideas?

*Steps off soapbox* Ok, I'm done. Get to clickin. Disfruta.

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Karl said...

Yo, so I'm in Dallas ridin' bumpin that "Free at Last" thinking that Freeway be givin it to em....and then I open up my browser to check what my man has for me...and voila....Freeway has blessed me with a third album. I must say, today was a good day!