Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Since 1942, my grandmother has celebrated November 14 as her born day. This year, The Paxtons are throwing a party in Harlem, NYC on my granny's bday, November 14 (which is the Friday after tomorrow). She's not invited, but you are. Here are the reasons you wanna be in attendance:
  • It's at Casa Frela, home to Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" video
  • Open bar all night
  • Free giveaways.
  • It's hosted by yours truly and DJ Jerome Baker III (sup to the Commonwealth DC collective).
  • It will be ignorant ignant--ridiculously so.
  • And oh, open bar all night
  • President-elect Obama wants you there.
  • No need to pregame, cuz u can forego the $5 donation if you bring liquor or any other substance to "keep the party going"
Since I'll be on the mic, I can guarantee that Jeezy's "Black President" will be played multiple times, if not consecutively, cuz it gets me hype. (You can CC: Allah on that one.) This invite goes out to all of yall, whether yall know us personally or not, cuz it's gonna be a lotta heads in this jawn. If ur in NYC be there. If ur in Philly or the DMV, hop on that young Chinatown to NYC.  A nigga like me might even take the day off from work. It's a celebration!

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