Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Best Political Team

...this all follows back to a convo I was having with my brother-in-blog this weekend in DC, but I'll fill you in. CNN has the baddest women on television!!! SERIOUSLY. Furthermore all DC anchors are vicious too. Ironically, at least half of CNN's current rank and file spent some time on DMV television sets. Now of course there's a logical explantion for that, having nothing to do with their Atlanta address. The creme always rises, which typically includes tv dimes or average chicks who's political knowledge and general awareness of current affairs is s**tting on the nation (as we say in the Chi). After you kill the game in the Nation's Capital, where else do you go!? Either way, here's my picks for The Best Political Team on Television.


Soledad O' Brian - PG
What more reason do you need? She's a vet in the game, killed the ratings with Blacks in America, and a People Magazine-certified sexy

Veronica De La Cruz - SG

Amy Holmes - SF
As versatile as it gets... and just plain BAD.

Betty Nguyen - PF
Experience Wins Championships.

Sara Sidner - C
Dont hate on the big girl... PFG's run the low post


Kiran Chetry - 6th Man
First off the bench... EARLY!

Abbie Boudreau - The Long-Range Threat
Doesn't she just look like a vicious spot-up shooter?

Alina Cho - The Import
Yao Ming anyone?

Fredricka Whitfield - The Veteran
Every good team needs veteran leadership and she's definitely been around the block a few times.

Naauma Delaney - The Rookie
Point guard of the future... peep game.

Sunny Hostin - The Benchwarmer
I couldn't ask for a more attractive splinter collecter.

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Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

Alina Cho for the 6th (wo)man award.