Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Type Set! It's like Dip Set, 'cept it's not.

From about kindergarten to 3rd grade, I had impeccable handwriting. My teachers would fawn over my penmanship as though I were the Frank Lloyd Wright of writing. I was an architect with lines and curves, ya dig? I'm not sure why or when I stopped writing neatly, but I think it had something to do with learning cursive and moving from wide-ruled to college-ruled paper. Not enough space for a young scholar to express himself. I also had learned how to behave in school by that point, which prolly meant my handwriting suffered as I tried to keep myself from saying and doing inappropriate things to my classmates and teachers. All that evil energy worked its way out my body through my hands. But I digress...

I've always been a fan of people with good handwriting. Experience has shown that these people are usually Chinese (read: Asian) and almost always female. I'm not sure why, but why question God? He chose the Jews to write the Bible, the Mexicans to have excellent landscaping skills, and the Chinese to have great handwriting. You know, those people who can write straight without lines on the paper? Or people whose handwriting looks like comic sans or helvetica without even trying? Yeah, I think those people are cool. I admire them.

I admire them so much, that I might cop this book so I can be like them and regain my lost prominence as a handwriter par excellence. Along with giving a history of typography, it's designed for people like me, normal folk with below-Chinese handwriting abilities, and uses activities to help you learn the art of lettering. It's not out yet, and really this post is more of a reminder to myself to check for it in the coming weeks, but if you're like me then keep clicking this link until it says it's available for purchase.

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