Sunday, August 08, 2010

How You'll Get Me To Sing

I've been listening to a lot of Beirut lately. Their music is grand but simple, haunting but still light. It's a long way from Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti, and yeah, you could prolly call it pop polka music, but who cares? Heat is heat, and this is highly flammable. This track is definitely my favorite off The Flying Cup Club, and considering that I've prolly played it 20+ times today to myself in the crib, I figured I'd at least share a vid or two. The way that accordion opens the song is too sick. Word to Urkel. And the harmonies of that hook are my favorite kind. I useta love to play those kindsa chords on the piano. They don't come out as well in this vid since it's a live performance, but holler at the CDQ version below to get my drift. Disfruta.

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