Monday, October 12, 2009

Where are you Greazy?

We are more likely to fail as craftsmen, I argue, due to our inability to organize obsession, than because of lack of ability.
-Richard Sennet

So obviously, I've been neglecting the blog. There are a number of reasons why, I'll give you just a few:

First and foremost, the main gig, i.e. teaching, has taken its rightful position as top priority. Any and all other things (and people) are accordingly placed on the back burner, fridge, or even the freezer--yeah, that was a corny extended metaphor, so what?

Secondly, there's this place called the real world, and in it, ppl talk with their mouths and not with keyboards. It's a kinda cool place. You get to see the ppl you talk to and have conversations in real time. It can be difficult to live in the real world and the internet. To be honest, I don't fully understand how some of you are capable of doing both. It's a feat I've yet to accomplish.

While in the real world, I've been able to shake hands with the new school of industry movers and shakers, ppl who could quite possibly be the gatekeepers of the next generation. It's personally humbling to be connected to the connected, and to know that I'm a voice that gets heard among the infinite internet chatter. I forever plan to be the outsider's insider and the insider's outsider but it's a tight rope to walk, especially as you begin to meet the artists whose music ur giving out for free.

Lastly, my trusty old desktop, Roberto Miguel de Dell, or "Bobby Michael" as I was sometimes fond of calling him, has officially kicked the bucket, leaving me with only my macbook. While on one hand, that may seem like a boon rather than a loss, the majority of my bootlegging activities were made possible thanks to the limitless nooks and crannies of the Windows operating system. (Ironically, those same nooks and crannies allowed the Russians to hijack my computer and kill it from the inside, but that's another story.) I've since been left having to figure out how to reproduce said feats on a new platform, and, given reasons 1 and 2 above, I haven't had proper time to dedicate to such endeavors.

Accordingly, I've chilled, but from the looks of things, not much has suffered. The internet is still up and running and music seems to still find its way onto your hard drives and ipods one way or another. But still, I know that there are artists out there that still need little guys like me to cosign them so that the big guys can take notice, and no matter how many bloggers throw their hat into the mixtape game, few can match what You Hype! Sike Nah... does. (Had to throw some blogger bravado in there for old times' sake lol)

So with that said, stay tuned. RNLC 7 is in the works, as is a whole new mixtape, tentatively titled "The Grown Up," which might result in a few of yall getting pregnant or impregnating somebody, depending on the type of anatomical plumbing you have. Keep a box of Trojans on deck, cuz I plan on heating things up come winter time.

(This may or may not be the cover... It's an open call to any and all graphic designers...)

And all that's just the tip of the iceberg. Movers are shaking and shakers are moving. You've been warned...

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Headphone Fiend said...

please hit us with some of that neo-soul!!!!