Saturday, October 31, 2009

Viva Brasil

Click the album cover to download

You'll be happy you clicked the cover. Arthur Verocai's self-titled album is a classic that should be in the library of any person claiming to be an audiophile. And I don't mean "classic" the way niggas just throw that word around nowadays. The album is almost 40 years old--37 to be exact--but it stands the test of time. Consider this my gift for being away for so long. Don't sleep, or else I'll be the one to say I told you so months later when you get it from somebody else tryna get their brazilian music game up before the World Cup.

You're welcome.


Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

did you ever find the rest of that Ceu album?

Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

thanks for this one though.

Drea said...

I've got Vagarosa--is that the one you're looking for?