Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poseidon, Look At Meeeeeeeeee

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This is my gift to those who live under rocks, boulders, and other geological masses. Andy Samberg, et al have been killing it for a while. I first caught wind (no flatulence) of dude with his "Chronicles of Narnia" sketch on SNL a few years back, and everybody remembers "Dick In A Box," but this Jew went in with his boys and made a complete album of original, hilarious songs.

Aside from declaring the death of autotune well before Jay (and in a much more nuanced way), "I'm On A Boat" might be second on my list of summertime bangers after The Clipse's "I'm Good" (which is currently enjoying one-song playlist status right now.) Here are two more standouts off the album:

Click that album cover and disfruta.

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