Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank You, Dolemite Jenkins

I'm always filled with about 3 seconds of ambivalence whenever the 'Skins play the Eagles, only cuz I live in Philly now. Nevertheless, the Hog-head within always prevails, as did my boys! Coming back from 14-0 to win 23-17? YEAH BUDDY! That NFC East is not a game. And with the next few games against the sucky Rams and Browns, and then at Detroit, my boys might be 7-1 by the time they hit FedEx Field again versus Pittsburgh. I'm not calling Super Bowl, this division is way too tough for that, but cot durn if they haven't made a DMV'er like myself happy Sunday after Sunday.

Zorn = NFL Obama. HIP HIP! HOORAY!

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