Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Indian Summer

I used to hate October as a shorty because it meant I had to wait a month before my birthday and it was a dead zone for sports. Baseball just ended, Basketball was a month away, and the NFL was only 4 weeks in, which we all know is no indicator of postseason play. I know... in New York, Cleveland, Atlanta, baseball ran right up to the season openers for the the Knicks, Indians & Braves, but not in Chicago. Save for the man-god that is/was Michael Jordan and his supporting motley crews, Chi-town sports wasn't hittin on shit.

The Cleveland Indians threw salt on my childhood every year, with the exception of Bo Jackson's 3-run bomb in '93 that led us to the slaughter against Joe Carter's Blue Jays and the strike-shortened 1994 campaign that had us in first place before the doors closed. Everybody knew it... they even made movies about them niggas (see Major League)Truth be told, for about 5 years Cleveland had the most gangsta starting 9 in the entire sport. Worst part is, them niggas never capitalized and brought back any hardware.

2000 gave me hope as the White Sox turned into the "South Side Hitmen" once more, setting all types of records for home runs and rbis, but alas, we were felled by poor pitching and got banged on by Seattle's last good lineup. Then came the World Series in '05 after which my daddy cried on the phone. [We love this game]

Last night, the southsiders who led the central division until last week (due to a horrendous September), had to win a winner-take-all one game playoff against the Minnesota Twins to determine who was going to see October. Ironically, it would be former Cleveland Whitesoxkillers DH, Jim Thome who put the proverbial nail in the coffin with this one-run blast in the 7th.

Anybody that knows me knows, this month-long pennant race has been hell on my nerves but please believe I slept good last night. Next stop, Tampa. Holla Chad.

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