Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Manhattan Project

<a href="">The Manhattan Project by The Paxtons</a>

The Paxtons have finally dropped their long-awaited follow up to WORK. Entitled The Manhattan Project, it superficially references their relocation to the Rotten Apple, while also referencing the secret military project of the 1940s that produced the world's first atomic bomb. In their own words:

In musical terms, The Paxtons are taking the same approach by building a mixtape that is set to annihilate the competition with lyrics and production that clearly show an unseen hunger and level of progression and creativity from the Chicago-bred MC and production team.

Heavy, and a tall order to say the least. I'm a harsh critic, but I'm pretty sure they nailed it with one of this year's hottest mixtapes. But I'm also a biased listener, so I'll leave it to you to say whether or not my dudes rose to the occasion. So don't take my word for it--get to clicking! Disfruta.

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