Sunday, August 09, 2009

Police Brutality? You Tell Me...

The story goes as so: an elderly black woman was in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Ohio, waving a knife and threatening to stab people. She had reportedly slapped a kid already or something like that, so there was a crowd of ppl gathering around this old senile black lady. For obvious reasons, the police were called. Now watch:

Did that officer use excessive force? Well, considering the fact that the poor old lady was left leaking blood out the back of her skull--literally--after RoboCop bodyslammed her to the pavement, I'd say "*@#$ yes." I mean, some asian woman with her child walked right past this crazy lady and didn't as much as flinch, but Officer Schwarzenegger felt the need to return the dragon and knock this poor lady's wig clean off her head? She walked with a cane, dog. It woulda took her minutes just to thrust the knife at somebody, much less pierce skin. The unofficial slogan of youtube is "They shoulda never gave you niggas webcams," but in this case, I'm glad this was caught on tape. The sad thing is, though, that there are plenty of people who will side with the police on this one, and be sincere about it.

*Sigh* before we end this on a sad note, I'd be remiss if I did not also point out the humor of the video as well. The negroes behind the camera are hilarious. Candid nigga moments at their best. "This is goin' on the news!" (Sure enough, the next day, it did.)

Guess Obama can't call this "stupid" either, huh? Something's brewing folks...

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